Tuesday, July 10, 2007

USA Pummels South Korea

KAWASAKI, JAPAN -- They don't call it "American football" for nothing. Comprised of recent college graduates with no current NFL prospects, the United States' first national football team took the field in Japan against South Korea. The Koreans were in contention right up until the opening kickoff, which Bobby Awrey (WR, Saginaw Valley State) returned for a touchdown. The score would be the first of four special teams touchdowns. America also scored twice on defense and five times on offense, amassing 77 points against an overpowered Korean squad.

As impressive as the scoring was, this story was really about the American defense. Team USA allowed no first downs, and in a stat that can only be described as "sick," they held the Korean offense to -31 yards of total offense.

The Japanese are joking if they really think they are the favorites in this competition.

S. Korea00000

Game Stats

In other results, Sweden held on to defeat France, 16-14. France will face South Korea in the 5th-place game.

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JET said...

Any chance of posting a video at some point?

Oh, and, USA! USA!

Gerry said...

You can try these. I haven't yet, but I found them on a Yahoo message board.

NHK-BS Television

MXTV Television

Bearhanded said...

Man, too bad for South Korea. Their first time to the final round and they have to play the best team. Hopefully they can still salvage a win.

Aaron said...

Go Team USA! They are just getting a yardstick to let the rest of the world know how far behind the US they are. It took them 40 or 50 years to catch up in basketball, may take even more to catch up in American football.

Anonymous said...

The American team is very well disciplined, but so are the Japanese. The Americans beat Germany 33-7 today. The German team was really big, but still got handled! I think the U.S. team will romp. I played against the Japanese team in June, they are fast and execute really well. I just think the U.S team has too much talent.

Gerry said...

If you wouldn't mind giving me more insight into your experiences, I'd appreciate that. You can email me at cfbnation@gmail.com if you're interested