Tuesday, January 29, 2008

From the Mailbag

Hi folks,

The situation with the 2007 qualifier was that neither Canada nor Mexico applied to qualify for WC 2007. Therefore USA was not an invitee but directly qualified. The qualification system is that the hosting country and the World Champions of the previous tournament is automatically qualified. Then each contintental federation (at the moment Europe, Asia and Pan America) get one spot. If there are more spots avaiable, those spots are allocated depending on the number of members of that continent. And so far Europa had 26 out of 50 members of IFAF in total. For sure in the WC 2011 will be two teams from Pan America since USA is Champion and one continental spot is allocated to Pan America.

Best regards,
Robert Huber
IFAF General Secretary


The Welsh Pharmacist said...

Fascinating site.

I only really got into NFL this year, and didn't realise there was a world cup until a couple of weeks ago!

Are there any non- North American players in the NFL, apart from punters and kickers? Would any of the players from this world cup have a shot at the NFL?

Hope you keep the site going.

John said...

Nice blog you have here,

I would like to more from you on the international scene rather than the NFL

Maxtremus said...

I think there should be more teams in World Cup, Africa, Oceania and latin america are missing...

Gerry said...


I'm not sure what you're talking about ... there is no content on here about the NFL. It is devoted entirely to the international football scene.