Friday, September 19, 2008

Explanation of the IFAF World Rankings

The IFAF World Rankings are based upon a formula I have devised (explanation below). These rankings are not sponsored by the IFAF, USA Football, or any other American football governing body. They are the opinion of the author of this blog.

Currently, there are three major American football world competitions: IFAF World Cup, World Junior Championship, and the World Games.

Therefore, the current rankings will be based upon the past two IFAF World Cup results, the results of the 2005 World Games, and the 2009 Junior World Championship. IFAF WC2007 will carry a weight of 3, while the other competitions will carry a weight of 1.

First place is worth 7 points, second is worth 5, third 3, fourth 2, and fifth 1. Ties are broken based upon all-time winning percentage in major international competitions.

The IFAF World Rankings will be updated following the completion of each major international competition.


Anonymous said...

everyone knows the united states is going to dominate

Anonymous said...

Only because Canada is not entered. Our balls are bigger!

Anonymous said...

As an American I know we will dominate, but thats not the point or reason I am interested in this. If these games can spread the game globally, that is awesome. I would love to see more and more foreigners pick up the game. As it stands, the NFL is utterly dominated by Americans with a smattering of Pacific Islanders, Canadians, and a few players of Mexican descent. I want to see more foreigners in the league. It will always be the American sport, but it would be nice to see more diversity. Lastly,
Down with soccer!!!!!!!